Re-designed & Re-defined

how-to-change-web-hostingWe all need a little reinvention from time to time.

As my humble little blog moves into its third year of existence, the decision has been taken to give it a long overdue makeover.

If I have not said thank you for reading for a while then, let me say it now.

Thank you.

I really appreciate all of the support the blog receives and have missed posting as regularly as I had been prior to the blog awards in 2014 (my last post would you believe?)

A major (and tricky) part of this re-design was re-naming the site. Formerly, it has now been modified:

After tracking the content of posts it became clear that learning and leadership dominated the themes of most posts, albeit through the lens of my beloved learning area Physical Education.

In future posts, I predict learning and leadership will continue to dominate, but I have no intention of leaving out my weekly PE experiences.

In my role as Acting Deputy Head this year, it would be fair to say I have not had the opportunity to blog as much as I would like (the old “no time” story, but that’s for another post).

In truth though, my blogging hiatus has been a little more deliberate.

I knew the site needed a new direction and I wanted to ensure I had carefully considered what Blog 2.0 should look and feel like. It led me to plenty of research and I have engaged in a super-global-blog-safari which has been an extremely enriching experience.

Looking globally at some of my favourite edu-thinkers has also been a huge inspiration and has led me to a clear vision for what I’d like to bring to these pages in the future.

I am already excited about some of the projects in the pipeline and I am committed to creating and reflecting on a more concise and regular basis- starting today!

Let me know what you think and stay tuned for more coming soon!


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